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Discontinuing anti-depressants..

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I've been of Effexor now for about three Months, before that I was on Citalopram for about two years. I've decided to try and beat my ilness with out the aid of Anti-Depressants. Has anyone else come of these horrid drugs and manged to stay Anti-Depressant free? Im really struggling at the moment. My main problem being that I feel different everyday. The world somehow seems to be a different place. I feel as if I've been on vacation and come back. Everything feels strange to me and Im struggling to remember the last few years since I've been on them. Although I am able to keep calm it is freaking me out. Im always in a dream like state. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers!
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If you are not doing this under your doctor's supervision, contact him or her immediately and start talking about how you feel.

I've been off Zoloft for five weeks, and so far, so good.

Other things:

- Call your therapist.
- Focus on something that requires your intellectual involvement.
- Do not try to recall the past in any way.
- Do not compare how you feel now with how you felt yesterday or anytime in the past.
- Live in the present moment.
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