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disassociative identity disorder/voices in head

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do people that hear voices in their head know they're hearing voices and think it's normal? and does someone with disassociative identity disorder know they have multiple personalities? i've been having bad anxiety/ocd the past couple of days thinking i have these two or will be very soon. times like this are when i just want to take meds to get rid of all this worry crap.
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Chris said:
Thats my #1 obsession and fear... entering psychosis. I've always thought I was gonna be schizo. I think about it everyday. Everything I hear, I question. Thinking it could be the delusions and voices. But it never is. Every night I get my anxiety and i start to think very strange things and believe im going crazy. I think My DP has gotten worse lately because i could be in the prodrone phase of schizophrenia... ffffffffffffeck
First of all, I'm sure you won't get schizophrenia. I'm not an expert but you don't sound like it, just anxious and terrified. You're afraid of losing your mind, but I think the problem is the fear which you keep feeding, not the teenytiny chance that you'd suddenly go insane. I'm sure if you'd went to a psychiatrist they'd tell you are not going to be a schizophrenic. And if you didn't believe them, that's a whole other issue. But not schizophrenia. And I think if there wasn't schizophrenia to worry about, it would be something else.
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