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Disability Pension

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I was just wondering if anyone here has looked into disability pension and if they were successful in getting it?
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it depends on where you live. in the US the laws vary from state to state. here in hawaii it took 6 months before i started receiving full social security benefit, about $650 a month..which i know isnt much but for now it covers most of my living expenses. during the 6 month wait i was recieving welfare and EBT. i have phone and mail phobia so going through the application process was really difficult for me, so my doctors helped me with some of that. now that i do have money i was able to use some of it to buy me an old clunker so now i can get to the grocery store (which is a nightmare for me) and to and from my doctors appointments without having to bum rides. so it really is worth it for me.. but its not a position i want to be in for the rest of my life. i wanna be successful just like everyone else. but thats not gonna happen until the world around me doesnt look like an acid trip. :shock:
the word lazy is something you should never EVER use to describe yourself. its just another way to put yourself down and blame your illness on some sort of character flaw that really doesnt exist. everything about my existance right now could be characterized as 'extreme laziness'. ive been told my whole life that im a lazy good for nothing. that all i need to do is snap out of it.

being on disability benefit doesnt make you any less of a person than someone with 2 fulltime jobs. before i became officially disabled i was that person. i worked 2 full time jobs and had a brand new crv. everything on the outside looked perfect. but on the inside i was killing myself. i still had all the problems i do now, except i tried to FORCE myself to work and be a normal productive member contributing to society and "pulling my own wieght". during which i had massive anxiety from the time i woke up till the time i went to sleep which was never because i had horrible insomnia because i dreded the day to come where id have to do it all over again. i hated everyone i worked with.. all i wanted to do was run as far away as i could. everyday was a living nightmare. sure i was making money and i was 'productive' but i was neglecting my health and putting myself at risk. the result was a massive breakdown where i sold all my posessions and got on a plane. i didnt tell anyone where i was going. fast forward 2 months and im standing in line with the rest of the homeless crazies waiting for my one hot meal from the church. i couldnt walk cause of staph infections, i slept on a towel with my dog as my only protection and warmth. i had completely lost my way.

but now... since im recieving benefits and not working, im a lazy bastard who has given in to my illness???
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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