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Difficult to be with other people?

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Difficult to be meet other people?
Very difficult to meet other people4344.79%
Some difficulties to meet other people1818.75%
Difficult to be with some people and easy to be with other people3031.25%
No problems at all22.08%
It is always easier to be with other people than just alone33.13%
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I have preety crpa social skills because well I never learned any social skills and suffered from extreme shyness al my life, I moslty just skatebaorded and listeineted to music then moved on to smoking weed and talking about crap that no one apart from a group of brother stoners would even give the vaguest shit about. so yeh I am crap with people, generally, and I dont know how to ocmmunicate with peopl eye to eye, in that I get stuck in a mental stutter and kind of my brain fucks up and starts looping often, lots of fun crap, I must be a fucking computer.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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