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Different from all of you?? Derealization??

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I have been visiting this sight for over three years now. I have always felt that somehow I was different from all of you. That my symptoms were not really dp/dr, anxiety. I have always thought that there was something medically wrong with me and none of the doctors I have seen can figure it out. I will try to explain some of the weird things I feel.

1. I feel turned around at times, like things are in the wrong direction. If I am driving north it suddenly feels like I am going south. Really strange. It makes me feel very disoriented. I pulled my daughters drawer out the other day to organize it. I put it on my bed which was facing in the opposite directon of the dresser and began to reorganize it. Well, I kept feeling really odd and turned around. It made me feel really off and anxious. It was as if my brain could not comprehend that the drawer was facing in a different direction.

2. My brain feels as if it is not working properly. I will be about to go somewhere like the store and I will visualize it in my brain but it is NOT the store in my neighborhood. I will instead flash on a store near the house I grew up another state!! It make me feel very confused when this happens.

3. Today I was playing cards with my son and I had a weird reaction. I would be feeling fine and then I would glance down to the pile of cards and I would have a weird reaction. I would look at let's say the Ace and this weird feeling would rush through my body. It was like a hair trigger reaction. I would look at a card and have a bad association to it... so to speak. I don't really know how to explain it. But it was werid and it felt bad and it felt wrong!!!!!!

4. I will be driving down the street and it will look so much like a street in the neighborhood I grew up in. This is a very disorienting, and confusing A real creepy feeling.

5. Sometimes I feel as if I am about to forget how to talk, or forget everything I ever knew.

6. There have been times when I see something on tv and for a minute I will feel like I am in that place and not in my house. It is a powerful wave of disorientation.

Some of the other things I feel seem to be more like derealization or anxiety.

Most mornings I feel nervous, uncomfortable basically generalized anxiety. When I drive everything looks off, wrong, familiar but unfamiliar. When I walk my daughter into school my legs feel weak, I feel a little off balance, and my vision feels off....over stimulated.

I have also had some overwhelming feelings of who am I, and where am I!!!!!!! My husband and kids look wrong :(

All of this has taken a huge toll on me. But I can't seem to get it out of my mind that I must have a medical condition causing this.

Maybe my brain is just fried from anxiety, oversensitized to every little bit of stimuli.

Sorry for the long post.
What do you guys think???

Sassy :?
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I don't want to get too far into this because I'm not one for the uber-long paragraph posts, but this sounds like DP/DR to me. I feel like my DP/DR is teeter-tottering on the edge of a cliff and it's a weird feeling. It's mostly weird feelings and thoughts left. Not so much the strong fogginess I once had.
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