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I am 23 and i had some stessful factors in my life before this thing happened.
but i think i am experiencing a side effect different to everyone else

whenever i read a book or a move I just can't understand their meaning.
logically i can understand what is happening i can even solve maths problems (i am a maths student) but whenever it cames to emotions i can't analyse anything and can't even feel anything. Logically yes I understand people love me but emotionally i am so afraid.
do you think this is depersonalization?
I feel my mind black and of nothing to say,
i get the i don't recognize myself in the mirror thing but otherwise i don;t feel like i am in a dream. i am just numb and notmyself and this is hell.

i have been treated for depression with very few possitive effects
i am afraid that if i say to my psychiatrist this is a case of dep. he won't believe me because i am alwasy trying to find out what is wrong.

and plus i live in greece. we really don't have many experts in psychology here to choose from . i am so desperate

i also get the not liner memories thing.
that troubles me the most.
and drives me crazy.

please say anything you can.
thank you.

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If you are currently taking medicine for your depression, tell your psychiatrist about how you feel now and tell him or her that you would like to either stop the medicine or try a different medicine.

Are you receiving psychotherapy?
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