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difference b/w schizo and DP/DR?

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whats the difference? aren't they pretty similair. i don't think i heard things or saw things only when i smoked that weed, a few days or for like a week i was paranoid, didn't sleep. saw things like in slow motion. things seemed either too big or too small for me, or like i was small or big, hard to explain, also like noises bothered me and some noises were like slow noises, like when listening to music it wen't really slow and sounded weird. and this was like for a week or 2.
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And what about the prodromal phase, guys? Do the person who's going to develop sz knows that there is something wrong with him, or it's more like a descending journey into madness which is totally unconscious?
Sorry, it's just my worst fear speaking again
Some do, some don't. There's really no certainties with the condition as it is, well, quit odd.

From what I've gathered (and I'm no expert) the majority of people developing schizophrenia don't realise anything's wrong with them, since the part of the brain responsible for self-analysis often breaks down.

To be honest, Tau, there's no way to guarantee that you won't get it...there will always be the exception to the rule which you can look at to make yourself "fit" the case. You just have to learn not to care anymore.

I've pretty much come round to the idea that I might be developing it now, but I really can't be bothered to worry about it anymore.
It might be what (again, perfectly sane people) write for the movie promos "A long and horrifying descent into madness..." but it is NOT the psychotic's experience. To the schizophrenic, the move into a break with reality feels more lateral than descending. Talk to them later and they don't look back on their break as horrifying - it just was an event that doesn't feel that otherworldly to them.
Yeah, it seems that, at least in some cases, they don't really mind all that much.

I've had a friend, who I haven't much in these last few months, who admitted to hearing voices, and, one time when he'd smoked hardly any marijuana at all, was having outrageous hallucinations from no-where. I've got little doubt that he's probably, or is soon going to become, schizophrenic - but he didn't appear to peturbed by it all and actually seemed to want to "delve deeper" into the illness.

I'm starting to think that the utter misery that I and many others here are putting ourselves through with the extreme anxiety bred from fear of schizophrenia is actually, in some respects, worse than schizophrenia itself.

That might explain why I've apparently been subconsciously trying to go into psychosis these last few days. :wink:
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