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difference b/w schizo and DP/DR?

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whats the difference? aren't they pretty similair. i don't think i heard things or saw things only when i smoked that weed, a few days or for like a week i was paranoid, didn't sleep. saw things like in slow motion. things seemed either too big or too small for me, or like i was small or big, hard to explain, also like noises bothered me and some noises were like slow noises, like when listening to music it wen't really slow and sounded weird. and this was like for a week or 2.
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Johnny, I love how you measured anxiety in tonnes. Very clever. Not that i'm saying anxiety is good though.
No, Digitalbath, you're not losing insight, probably just a bit out of practice.
A little while back here and the insight will come back.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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