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diet question pissed off

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ok i will keep it brief

i was 16 stones then went on the atkins diet got down to 13 stones

i then went onto a low fat calorie controlled diet with exercise

i stuck at 13 stone no problem

i spend 2 weeks having the odd takeaway and a the odd bar of chocolate and now im ive put on 13 im currently 13.13lb

in two weeks !!!

the question is while i sit here feeling fat do i go back on the atkins diet or stick with the exercise calorie controlled diet.....?

any tips and help would be greatly appreciated

all the best

fat git
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ok heres one for mental state and it'll drop weight if your body needs to.
get a juicer
juice all green vegetables also carrots etc. not too much fruit but an apple in aith the juice will make it palatable.
porridge made with quinoa, millet and soya milk. once its made add in ground pumpkin. sesame, linseed seeds. honey to taste.
rest of day avoid yeast, eat lots of veg and small amounts of meat if wanted. if you're hungry eat
theres more to it than that but thats sort of what i'm doing trying to get the head back on track
also i think oils like flax oil ae needed for mental health so don't cut out all good oils
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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