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diet question pissed off

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ok i will keep it brief

i was 16 stones then went on the atkins diet got down to 13 stones

i then went onto a low fat calorie controlled diet with exercise

i stuck at 13 stone no problem

i spend 2 weeks having the odd takeaway and a the odd bar of chocolate and now im ive put on 13 im currently 13.13lb

in two weeks !!!

the question is while i sit here feeling fat do i go back on the atkins diet or stick with the exercise calorie controlled diet.....?

any tips and help would be greatly appreciated

all the best

fat git
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Hi JC,

My thoughts after watching, listening, doing different weight things - including Atkins.

Any of the diets can be good to drop some initial pounds...even more if you stay with it. Most people don't, there by doing the yo-yo thing.

I think your idea of exercise and controlled calorie works best in the long run. Incorporate carbs ( good carbs, stick away from anything white is the general rule) but not at a high intake. Sugars as well. Hate to say it but it's basically healthy eating and exercise habits that keep weight down the best.

Of course my mom and sister keep it off by being nervous wrecks. never worked for me. :(

I get how it should be done...doing it is a totally different story!

Continued good luck to you.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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