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Did you have seperation anxiety as a child?

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With seperation anxiety it could be anxiety for being away from you parents, sleeping at places without your parents ect. I had seperation anxiety as a child and there are some research pointing towards the risk of developing panic anxiety is 3.times higher if one had separation anxiety as a child. Panic anxiety has been seen as a component in development depersonalization.
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The reason I ask about separation anxiety is because it seems to be related to the development of panic anxiety later in adolescence. Many who gets a negative trip on cannabis very often have a history of panic attacks. So, it was just out of interest to see if this element in development of panic attacks was present in some.
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Regarding rTMS at the right VLPFC a normal coil as seen on the picture can likely stimulate 30% of the right VLPFC. The right VLPFC expands into the brain and is covered by other structures. So, many parts of it can not be stimulated. You need a coil for deep stimulation and Magventure is the only provider who currently makes one that it used in research and some few private clinics. The right VLPFC might not be the correct location. The anterior cingulate and the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex is more likely a candidate. In theory but location could play a role. But deep coil is need for the location.

The small trail done at the VLPFC can be replicated with the equipment as can the angular gyrus trail.
The role of the right VLPFC is only found by the depersonalization research unit in samples of brain scan other researchers says is to small in size and increases the chances of error. The rTMS was only of 8.patients and not placebo controlled. Others have not supported the role of the right VLPFC but others point more towards the anterior cingulate and the dorsomedial prefrontal. The anterior cingulate and the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex also came out as abnormally active in the depersonalization research units brain scans along with the right VLPFC. Both locations could play a central role. In 2014 is was not technically possible to intervene at the anterior cingulate and the dorsomedial prefrontal as they are to deep. They only had a coil the that go into the brain. So, to intervene at parts the right VLPFC was the only option they had for a trial back then. Because there is a very strong obsessive compulsive component in depersonalization of self awareness and monitoring that is very OCD like the activity of the anterior cingulate and dorsomedial prefrontal cortex might be central.

in medicine in general there is a replication crisis. Findings or trails can not be replicated by others in 50% of the cases. In depersonalization research it is likely a similar figure because the trails have often been very small and not placebo controlled. The samples sizes in brain scan are also very small and increases the chances of errors. So, you have to read everything with some moderation and this in mind.
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The coil on the picture is a normal flat butterfly coil and that is likely 30% of the right VLPFC. You need a coil for deep rTMS that look like this (is not approved for clinical use in Europe yet) and neuronavigation.
The ideal set-up will look like this video where the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex is stimulated in depression. The dorsomedial prefrontal cortex along with the anterior cingulate is also active in depersonalization so a similar setup could likely be used in depersonalization. In the video a deep coil is used along with neuronavigation from Localite. It is a research facility.
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