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Did you have seperation anxiety as a child?

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With seperation anxiety it could be anxiety for being away from you parents, sleeping at places without your parents ect. I had seperation anxiety as a child and there are some research pointing towards the risk of developing panic anxiety is 3.times higher if one had separation anxiety as a child. Panic anxiety has been seen as a component in development depersonalization.
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My brother was 4 years older than I. My parents would sometimes leave me in his care. I was 5 or 6, and he was 9 or 10. We would visit my cousin who lived in a nearby

neighborhood. I didn't know the area. My cousin was the same age as my brother. My brother, cousin and I would leave my cousin's house to play with

my cousin's friends in his neighborhood. They would huddle up without me, and on signal all run in different directions, leaving me alone in unfamiliar territory.

I would have to resort to asking strangers if they knew where my cousin lived and if they could tell me how to go to his house.

Older siblings can be cruel. Parents don't always act responsibly.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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