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Did you have seperation anxiety as a child?

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With seperation anxiety it could be anxiety for being away from you parents, sleeping at places without your parents ect. I had seperation anxiety as a child and there are some research pointing towards the risk of developing panic anxiety is 3.times higher if one had separation anxiety as a child. Panic anxiety has been seen as a component in development depersonalization.
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Just to follow up on your original question: Yes, I also did have seperation anxiety. I remember having it especially in the evening when I was waiting for my mother or in the kindergarten.

By the way, I once tried hypnotherapy (only 1 session because I didn't really believe in its effectiveness back then) and the practitioner brought me back to the moment when my DPD started (it was in the middle of an ordinary day, without panic attack or similar) and then "asked my subconscious mind" what the reason for my symptoms would be. In trance, I answered with a story about me being a young child in a fight with my mother where she was walking faster than me in a city center and I was afraid of losing her in the streets. I never took the whole thing serious because I had the feeling that the hypnosis practitioner "primed" me before the session and that was the reason for me remembering this story. But of course, I can't be sure.

Thinking about the whole aspect..., why is (clinical) hypnosis therapy not a bigger thing in the treatment of DPD? Emotional detachment and the possible causes and triggers for DPD look like they would be a good approach in clinical hypnotherapy (if done correctly and by trained professionals) as most of it lies in the subconscious. Anybody here with experience of further knowledge about this?
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