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Well it's my moms doctor, I told my mom I needed some of ur Xanax and she said she'd get it the next day, she did and she showed me the bottle and everything and it said 1mg alporalam or whatever, which is Xanax
Anyways the pill doesn't look like any Xanax pill, I always look my pills up before taking them and the pill when I look it up doesn't even come up
It says L612 and it's a highlighter yellow color and is a football oval shape pill
Thing is, there's a white pill exactly that looks like it called ladatrine or something
It's an allergy pill
Same pill just white
And the pill I have, some of the yellowness is rubbing off and is white underneath
Did my moms doctor like try the placebo thing on her
I never heard of doctors doing that I don't think
Cus it said Xanax and she has panic attacks I just never thought they'd actually do that
And it sucks cus I'm spazzing out bad and would really like a Xanax for a day god damn
Anyone heard of doctors giving them placebos or have gotten some there self? Kinda pisses me off cus I could really use a fucking Xanax right now god bless
I guess beer will take me edge off today
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