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I feel some what normal, time to time i get weird feelings but i just throw them off, well i try, anyways, it just sucks, i cant really talk very good, and its like im lost, like i dont know what to say cus i cant feel what to say, and i dont want to say something dumb and be like whhy did i say that, and if i have nothing to say and talk to people, i come off as weird sometimes, idk

anyone know what im talking about? did any of u come out of it? i just plan on socializing til its over, gonna try to get a job, idk who would hire my ass but i think a job would be very good

it seems like when i have stuff to do am more happier and i forget

anyways. comment whatever, thank u all, still battling, cant wait til this is over, pray for u all, well get over this
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