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Developed Derealization at age 12, am now 21…

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Hi! My name is Haley and I have suffered of derealization for 9+ years. I just got prescribed Low Dose Naltrexone, if you haven’t done research aligned with dissociation, you may want to! I start this week. (I feel a photo of me creates the ability to connect or empathize with my words having a face attached to the stories!) Hoping for some recovery :)
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forget the DR, how old are u and are u single?
Edit: sorry I had written an angry comment (including a mention of "frustrated balls") because I didn't understand your comment came after a positive reaction from denimay, and I hadn't seen that your comment was probably connected with her profile picture and not just the original post. As long as every one is happy....
I'm sorry that this was insulting to you. But my comment was edited and I had already apologized before you replied and explained my mistake. I had not seen that denimay had already replied positively to someone commenting about her looks and I hadn't seen that this was probably in response to her profile picture that gives a clue about how she would receive that "compliment". Without that I think that disregarding someone's illness in a support forum to focus on her gender and her looks would have been disrespectful for a lot of people, and taking the chance like this would be disrespectful as well.
I didn't know you were actually from Afghanistan, this is a bad coincidence, i only saw the American flag on your profile. I have as much respect for Afghanistan as I have for any country (at least I think so), but I have no respect for Talibans. My reference was to the Talibans and nothing else.
Also yes, there is a lot of islamophobia in France. But I have nothing against Islam that I already have against other religions. I respect the choice of women who want to wear the burqa, but I dont respect the idea that women should cover themselves because men are supposedly like animals who can't control themselves and have "dirty" thoughts all the time as soon as they see a square centimeter of feminin skin. And I don't equate this with Islam. So for me my comment was never about Islam. I said Talibans, not Muslims.

And I don't take advice about DPDR, i just read other people's personal experiences.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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