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hi every1 just want to know if any1 like me feels detached from their body like its goin away from you and you know in your head what your body is meant to feel like but it isint functioning properly i know its hard for me to explain but my who;e body feels weird can any1 tell me if they feel like this and maybe reply back and put it in better words for me thanku

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yes.....this is a common symptom of dp....its total lose of self as if you are no longer in control of your movements....that your limbs are not your own...everything is foreign....not real.....your hands freak you out when you see feel like a brain and thoughts a body with no soul......unrecognizable to your self....totally alien.....the list is endless but every one says it will pass.....just try your best to stop analazing your body just accept it is is you......and it is just a symptom that at this moment in time we have to live with :(
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