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this isnt really about dp or dr anymore, i went through a period were i had it all the time that was years ago, now i have it on and off, i know that a lot of the time i am totaly unaware of my physical self and that is just how it is..that is just a defense mechinism because i hate myself. i am alware of myself more and more.. the dp and dr are becomeing less and less and i am aware and i hate myself more and i cant deal with it. i think breifly about just dying and it makes me sad that i even think about it for minute cause i know i dont really want that and i am afraid that that thought will run away with my mind and i will just thinkthat that would be okay. i am so sad. i was okay for a while and now i am so sad again. can anyone just help me to help me.. was thinking that eveyone in my life is really in it for themselves and that is just the truth and i just want one thing that i want for once... i cant think of one really important thing that i ever got cause ir eally wanted it. i dont even know what i am writing right now, i am just letting it all go. im so far away from who want to be.. i want to self destruct
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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