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Destroy Everything In Two Weeks

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Things are so horrible. I feel like my mind is free-floating through this freakshow. I quit my job and blew off all my midterms. I can't concentrate on anything or anybody and I can't think. I try to read but it's like I'm trying to translate Chinese. I drank for the first time in 4 months and once I was drunk it was like my voice was coming from another source, all the while a tiny part of me was screaming out to just shut up and be 'myself' - or silent, apathetic and distant. I can't stand being around new people. I can't stand all of the petty bullshit that arouses the interest of people around me. I don't know how I do it all but I know I'll just keep doing it.
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Well put poonany. I have been letting these irrational thoughts rule my mind. Once you let them in and feed them by focusing on them, then they tend to stay. You are right, crazy thoughts don't deseve to consume every waking moment and dwelling and complaining won't accomplish a thing. I'm going to get some crap done before the college library i'm in closes.
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