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Despersonalization and Ayahuasca

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Hi brothers and sisters. I have DP 3 years ago, and my spiritual path began at the same point. But i start with the idea of use Ayahuasca with this spiritual purpose. And i want to know if somebody in the forum do this already. Bless for all.
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I started doing ayahuasca here in Medellin, Colombia since 2 months (13 times, tomorrow nr 14!). I started it after a recommendation from one of the depersonalization authorities worldwide, Mauricio sierra siegert. By coincidence he lives here as well...crazy.

It looks like this is attacking my trauma causing DP at its core. It is not an instant cure, but it takes you back to the dark places in your soul where you need to shine light again. Looks like ill be doing it all year. I cant believe there has been a cure out there all this time..(and one in such an unexpected corner!) Its perhaps not for everyone, but hey if you are stuck in it for years like me (20 years) what do you have to lose. If interested I would recommend a few things:

-Do it during day time for starters, less creepy going back to the traumas.

-Start slowly with smaller doses, see how you react

-Understand and prepare yourself you will go on a trip that will give you good and bad feelings as well. I encountered so much darkness. In order for it to do its job it needs to take you to scary, depressing feelings as well.

-The worse I would feel during a trip, the more healing afterwards seemed to have taken place.

-When you are in the trip remind yourself that when you feel bad, the ayahuasca is starting its healing effect, also remind yourself you have to soldier on and soon enough you will come down from the effects, as everyone always does. Overcome and confront your fears.

-While tripping many times it seems you just don't know what to do with yourself anymore, thinking this cant be good. Every time this happened to me, it did exactly its job. Remind yourself this is normal.

-Expect the treatment not to go linear, also the initial high from an elevated serotonine level will come down after a few days. Remember the road can be longer and challenging. You will have to find the warrior within..

Good luck and Godspeed
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