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Despersonalization and Ayahuasca

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Hi brothers and sisters. I have DP 3 years ago, and my spiritual path began at the same point. But i start with the idea of use Ayahuasca with this spiritual purpose. And i want to know if somebody in the forum do this already. Bless for all.
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I've drank Ayahuasca 5 times. It didn't help my DP.
Wow, so why did you keep doing it out of interest? Was it a proper ceremony or centre?
It's not uncommon the ceremony centers in South America do 5-7 sessions if not more. I had a batch of it and did it over time. I had interesting experiences overall, some positive, some hard, but all in all it wasn't bad. I came to realize it wasn't going to be a cure for me. More so something that was interesting to experience.

While I personally don't have adverse reactions to psychedelics with DP, a lot of people on this forum do, so I don't recommend it or other psychedelics/entheogens to people in general on here. Unless you feel called to it.
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