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Describing The State Of DR, Treatment & Cause

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Hey, I know I am not alone in the fact that when I went into DR, It stayed, unlike many people who suffer panic attacks with bouts of DP/DR, I don't really have panic attacks, not since I read what they were, I only started getting nasty panic attacks AFTER I went into DR, because I had no idea what was wrong, and thought my Brain has a disease etc and so started the jolting awake, thinking I was about to die/lose consciousness etc etc ETC!

Question: how would you describe the DR state of consciousness?

I would say, its like my consciousness is detached from my environment and surroundings, like my mind is no longer connected to the world around me, almost like I am less conscious than before.

Question: Is the best way to beat this condition to ignore it? and pay no attention to it as best as possible? or is there something else I should be doing, it is quite strong and hard to ignore, (because when my eyes are open, I can see how detached I am from my surroundings, and it just feels like my brain is STRAINING to reconnect to its environment, but if enough people tell me this is what I should do, (IGNORE IT) I will put everything I have into paying ZERO attention and thinking about everything else BUT how odd the world looks.

Question: just so this makes a bit more sense to me, is it possible I went into DR after a prolonged stressful period!? because I was getting on with my life no awareness that I had Anxiety/Depression etc, I thought I was fine, but I DID go through some very difficult times, and then something really stressed me out and BANG (it happened suddenly siting in front of my computer checking an e-mail that I REALLY did not want to read) I felt my head go, and that was that, I thought I had a virus at first, after going to the doctors and saying that the world seems to have gone surreal, because I had complaints of a chest infection/cough shortly before, I was told its probably Viral (Given anti-biotics etc two courses! because the cough never went and is still here now, 4 months later) so can a continuous state of stress/worry bring on a 24/7 state of DR!?

Thoughts on all this? :?
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I know for me that i feel much better distracted, as do most people, because we arent hyperfocusing on it. Also, stress started mine after i had a really bad acid trip. thus, my doc said my body was making far too much cortisol (the stress hormone) and so i had to work out and eat right in order to be balanced again. Im getting better, but paying attention only perpetuates it. Since its a thought disorder, it really doesnt help to GIVE IN to the thoughts and allow them that much power. Just roll with it, as hard as that sounds.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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