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I'm creating this thread so that when people feel the need to vent or describe how they are feeling while experiencing symptoms, it can help others relate and feel better knowing that they are not alone or can feel some sort of resolution, or even say "yeah, you hit the nail on the head with what I'm going through". For instance, it just crossed my mind how I can describe my panic attacks in a simpler way so that instead of going into deep complicated details of symptoms that are hard to describe, it can be described more in a nutshell in various ways. For example, a panic attack can feel like my whole body is falling asleep (similar to cut circulation in a limb) while awake and you are panicking and giving yourself this nervous energy to wake it back up, or with DP/DR, you feel like you are observing yourself doing things while not feeling you are really partaking with what's happening in the situation, almost like a state of shock or disbelief, and sort of viewing everything around you through some sort of vague memory when the episodes kick in.

On a side note, unrelated to the topic, I'm noticing this trend since the past decade or so of strange illnesses and symptoms that cannot be diagnosed by doctors, everything will come back normal, and you continue to suffer. It's happening to many people I know, even people I subscribe to on social media or youtube. People describe strange symptoms that feel threatening but get no diagnoses or resolution to their ailments, so people live with a mystery disease with such uncomfortable symptoms for years, or their entire lives, or unless they found some sort of temporary "cure" exclusive to their bodies. Another thing I noticed is that they can come in clusters, meaning I and family members, or someone across the nation will all describe feeling the same way or very similar, sometimes upon waking the same day, or recent weeks, then I'll see someone else not long after saying they've been feeling such and such, and it becomes this strange mystery of ailments that doctors can never narrow down. I honestly feel like medical science is way too limited in this day and age for all these not so clear ailments, while so many people are suffering and get no resolution. What bothers me, is doctors can be so arrogant, they look at you like you have 5 faces when describing your symptoms, give you a bandaid and walk you out of their office. So, with all these mysteries going on with people having so many similar unexplained symptoms, I found venting and giving each other closure to be one of the best treatments.

I'm suffering badly from many symptoms and no doctor has ever given me a resolution, and the same many of you as well I presume. The internet is key to helping narrowing down mystery ailments and diseases because there's so much information that's yet to be learned, especially in the medical field. We went from total darkness to finding articles about these sorts of things even though the answers aren't exactly clear, at least we're not alone. We've found many articles of possible diseases that was previously unheard of, and we end up surprising the doctors, at least I hope, so that these sorts of things can get out there and noticed.
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