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Because DP is such a wide range of symptoms, you can list them in an overwhelming list. Or just keep it simple and understand that if this person is just someone you see once in a while, over time they might get it but it's not as important as you think. It helps my family kinda get it but friends, apart from I have anxiety, non of it really helps, i've gone into details with people and it's over their head or they don't get how these things could be etc.

The way i describe the detached thing is simple. I say:

"have you ever driven a really long distance or been on a train for say an hour and zone out to the point that when you arrive, you don't remember any of the journey" as especially from my understanding that's kinda a bit like DP (one symptom of). Everyone has experienced that, or nearly everyone.

The other way is when people are really hungover and feel 'distant', many people feel mild DP hungover.. nothing like DP but that kinda feeling a bit out of it.

DR is easier described simply as the world looks flat and fake, for me sometimes cartoon like, but i don't get DR that regularly anymore, that's about all you can really say.

My main advice would be unless it's your family or something, sticking to anxiety and realising the details they will never really understand. It's a hard one but easier than the effort i went to with a few friends to understand it. Numb is the easiest one to understand, just void of all emotion, just tell them imagine listening to music and it just sounds like noise.
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