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Hi everyone,

To cut a long story short , in the last few months I've had panic attacks almost daily and very high anxiety, although I've found it really hard to believe it's all anxiety.

Now I believe I may be experiencing derealization and I'm wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms?

Sometime I feel like my arms and legs are soo light , not weak but just light. It also feels like the movements I make in my hands are overly free (hard to explain) and I keep moving my fingers to check they're still working or that they're really part of me. another thing I get is when I feel like this and go to bed I hillucinate and have racing, random thoughts that have no story and no real meaning, I'll also twitch a lot and feel like electric shocks that radiate up my arms, not painful but make my arms feel fuzzy, almost like when you hit your funny bone. When I'm getting g these thoughts and hallucinations as I'm trying to sleep I'll open my eyes and for a few seconds be surprised at where I am, almost like I was expecting to be somewhere else.

Does this sound like derealization?

Thanks for rewarding and thanks in advance for your comments !
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