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Mister ignorant sponge man here with another question. I see where a few here on this board speak of dr as primary with dp, and some have only dr.

I started with both, but both about equal. I had the dp feelings of deadened emotion, inability to express myself, problems knowing what i beleived in, not feeling intact with the people I was with, aliented from those I loved, wondering whose hands I had, wondering who was in the passenger seat beside me etc. Bt I never had the "flat" look you folks speak of, or macro or micro.

Phil jsut mentioned in another thread that ocd caused his dr and that dr casues his dp. I find that I am never dp'd inless I am dr'rd. My main problem now is dr, and when it gets bad I will get dp'd, sometimes as bad as I used to but rarely does it get that intense. I too was very pure obessional at onset od dp/dr.

The question is, what is this relationship between dp and dr, and can one casue the other and can one
exist separately without the other. Are they the same beast but only different manifestations? I describe dr as light and sound sensitivity, grainy air, foggy vision, room seems not jsut right, spaciness and zombie like feelings, fatigue, foggy mind, hard to concentrate...oh wait...I seem to be getting dp'd as I write this.

Anway, thanks
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Hi Jft, I have a question for you.....I noticed one of the symptoms you listed as a result of your dp/dr was foggy vision. I'm just curious....Do you mean things look weird or that your vision actually appears to be kinda blurry or cloudy? Ever since I have had my DR my vision appears foggy almost like as if there is smoke in the air sometimes or as if I was looking through a cloud or something, its weird.I was just wondering if that is what you meant?
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