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Derealization - I've felt Drunk / High / Spaced out for over 3 years.

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For 3 years now I have felt a constant severe state of brain fog never been fully awake or present. It's gets even worse as the day goes on and no doctor will help me anymore as I've had "every test possible". I'm 23 and my life is fading away due to this illness. Anti depressants and therapy did nothing either .

I feel so drunk and spaced out but look fine to everyone else. I have literally nothing else I can even do to try and get better :(

Has anyone ever recovered from this type of DP and how ?!?! :(
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I'm not 100% recovered but I feel pretty good even though i still feel a bit spaced out. Here is some things you can try that helped me:

- Eating a healthy, plant based, diet.

- Walking for 30-60 minutes every day.

- Vitamin / mineral supplements.

- Nofap (very important).

- Sleeping for 8 hours every day.

- Being grateful. Before you go to bed you could list 5 things that you are grateful for, big or small.

- Changing the way I think and letting go of resistance to negative thoughts. (this helped me get rid of ocd and such)

- Staying positive even though I feel like total crap sometimes. It get's better.

If you don't believe it's possible to recover it will be much harder, trust me. Look into yourself and try to find the root cause of the dissociation. For me I think the reason is that i'm a sensitive person and that i'm afraid to feel. Feeling life and feeling real. There is something within us that keeps this dissociation going, so try to find it. In what situations do you feel less drunk / spaced out? and why is that. Don't give up man! :)
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