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Derealization - I've felt Drunk / High / Spaced out for over 3 years.

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For 3 years now I have felt a constant severe state of brain fog never been fully awake or present. It's gets even worse as the day goes on and no doctor will help me anymore as I've had "every test possible". I'm 23 and my life is fading away due to this illness. Anti depressants and therapy did nothing either .

I feel so drunk and spaced out but look fine to everyone else. I have literally nothing else I can even do to try and get better :(

Has anyone ever recovered from this type of DP and how ?!?! :(
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Thankyou so much for replying !!

The no fap thing is interesting I've herd about it before but never actually tried it. My drunk feeling is always there and always strong but in the evenings not around 5pm it's horiffic to the point I can't feel my feet when I walk.

I then go to sleep and "sleep it off" and when I wake up it's there but 80% then again will go to 100% by the end of the day !!

Some times I feel very slightly better but there is no trigger for it or correlation . Nothing makes me feel better or worse Exocet loud busy places make it even worse.

Thank you so much for the reply !!
[quote name="freezeup" post="581450" timestamp="1527713085"]

I'm on my way to being recovered after having this for 8 years.

How many anti depressants have you tried, and what were they? Lexapro (15mg) is working really well for me right now. It almost entirely got rid of my intrusive\anxious thoughts and depression, which makes it a hell of a lot easier to not be as reactive and ignore the DP\DR.[/quote

Hey I tried escitalopram on 3 different doses , same for duloxetine and also tried diazepam which just knocked me out pretty much.
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