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Derealization happens to me because of Olanzapine and I'm stuck between two problems

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I've been taking olanzapine for a very long time, and another antipsychotic called invega (when I only have affective disorder). I'm stuck between hearing voices and having derealization or only hearing voices.

What should I do? Olanzapine clearly causes derealization to me and I feel scared, paranoid. Some relative of mine imposes it on me because she says things would go bad again if I didn't take the pills. There was a time when I was taking only olanzapine and when I stopped taking it I got rid of derealization but then hearing voices started happening so I went back to taking it. My doctor doesn't want to give me another kind of medicine.
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My doctor doesn't want to give me another kind of medicine.
Then you should go to another doctor and try another antipsychotic.
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Maybe antipsychotics that are partial dopamine agonists, like Aripiprazole and Cariprazine, instead of antagonists, don't have this problem. If you want to go a more risky route, you might consider Clozapine.
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