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Hello everyone. Throughout my life I have noticed some strange symptoms, but Im not sure what it really is.

Im not sure when it started, but one of the first "attacks"I had (that I remember) was when I was 8 (I am currently 14). The symptoms arent very easy to describe, but i'll try

-My whole body gets numb (when i walk, i cant even feel my legs, so I feel like im floating)
-My surroundings get brighter (to the point where I dont even want to open my eyes)
-I feel so... unreal, i feel so disconnected from my recent memories and feelings, I start to think nothing is real, my friends, my family, my surroundings, nothing.
-My heart starts racing so quickly, and when I calm down and "go back to reality" I get really exhausted.

But I also have to note:
i DO NOT see myself from outside my body,i dont feel disconnected all of the time, it just happens in specific scenarios (big/crowded places, bright, flashing surroundings, new places, etc)

I've always wondered what was wrong with me, I just wanted to be a normal kid.
What do you guys think this is? Derealization? Dissasociation? Please help me !!!!!!
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