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Derealization but no Depersonalization?

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Hi there,

I've had a panic attack while smoking weed only the last two times i smoked. I've smoked probably 5 or 6 times in total. 3 weeks after the last panic attack. I woke up in my dreamy state, the weird thing is. I don't have a continuous out of the body experience. People describe Depersonalization as if i feel detached from my body, but i don't. I do in fact feel detached from the outside world, i can stare at a tree for minutes thinking about if it's real or if it's just my mind making things up. I feel like being in a coma, or a long long long dream.

Can you guys tell me why i don't feel DP but i do feel DR? I can't seem to find anyone else that doesn't have both at the same time?

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I only have dp. There are many people that don't have both. Don't be sad of not having them both cause DP really identity, memories, feelings.
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I will pop back and say more later but its important to be clear on one thing DPD patients DO NOT report out of body experiences (unless they have co-morbid factors). The anomalous body experiences reported by DPD patients may revolve around feeling disconected or estranged from the body, but this does not imply that people are 'out of body' There is another thread on this, in this section of the forum that you might find useful.

It is important to be clear on sypmtomology so people can think about what you're experiencing. Note - not all dissociation equals disembodiement...thats the crucial message.
I don t know how is it to have an out of body experience and I m not curiouse about it at all. But I ve read that there are dp'ed persons who experience that.
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