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hey everyone, ive never really had depression with dp, but over the last two weeks ive become sooo depressed it feels like im gonna cry all the time for no reason. My question is, will anti depressents effect my dp? I dont use any meds at all simply like alot of dpers im scared of useing a chemical that i dont know the full outcome, and people are always going on about how there soo much more fucked up after meds etc. I used to go through my week hateing dp soo much but had my cure at the weekends, as im a typical young brit bloke i love binge drinking. Now my dp is soo bad im worried the drinking is making it worse, and the thought of haveing know escape or fun at the weekends makes me very depressed, tht might sound sad to some of you, it its just the way i like to do things. I wish someone could just give me the final answer of wheather of not drinking worsens dp long term, i understand the short term effects and i can deal with em,, i know that answer hasnt actually been figued out yet, so i think its drinking in moderation from now on. cheers jamie
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i hadn't thought of that but i suppose benzos would reduce their effectiveness too. it's just that on my limited benzo use there were short periods of time about 20 mins after i'd taken some that i really sank into despair. i'm starting to realise what a juggling act meds are
i mean you need to work out the right amount of this and the right amount of that to take at the right time in an attempt to get equilibrium. how do you work the quantities and times out and even when you do you're needs are likely to constantly change
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