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Depression maybe?

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Hi All,

I hope everyone's weekend was great. I was wondering if anyone feels like everything they once liked seems dead? I still involve myself in the regular activities I once liked but they all seem so lifeless. It's so hard for me to write this or even participate in regular conversations with friends or family. I just feel so hand cuffed, my dad told me recently that I needed to go for more walks and exercise but he does not understand that I just can't. When I do chores around my house it no longer feels satisfying when they are complete or when I listen to music or watch movies it's like the content passes right through me, I just feel so empty inside ???? Anyone else feel like this?


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Yes, for me i have had not a single emotion in over a year. Not one. However it is not because i feel empty inside it is because i have existential terror and a strange collection of fears and phobias. I have no emotional resonance with life anymore. For a long time i was unable to have conversations either, and i've only recently started being social again. I stay in bed overly long in the morning, but i do force myself to do things
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