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depression and anxiety leading to dp/dr?

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this seems this case in most posts...however for me....when this struck i was not depressed or anxious....all i had was flu/felt low...then i think high temperatures triggured weird dreams...then bang DP/DR was there...

has many others had DP/DR without being depressed first or anxious or without having any major trauma in there lifes?

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This topic is something I wonder every day when I feel sh_t:
- what is the relation between DR/DP and my anxiety&depression?
- how do they interrelate?
- what has DR/DP to with the actual cause of my anxiety?
- will successfully tackling the cause of the anxiety also tackle DP/DR?
- how do I go about that?
- what is my brain doing when I am under strip lighting? why do I freak? I was never afraid of them before!
- why can I be at work (with the strip lighting) some days and not DP/DR at all and other days find it difficult to bear?

And.... relax :shock:
Wow Shelly I think that's probably worse than having a "genuine" reason why the DR/DP started. What a bummer :?

I know exactly (I think) how I got DP/DR. I inadvertantly trained myself :oops: I deliberately spent over 3 months continuously mentally picturing, as vividly as possible, people depreciating (or "dissing" as the Americans would say) me. How I wish I'd never done that.

What a prat.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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