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Depressed and Tired

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This is mental crap is so hard some times. Awhile back I mentioned that I was having all these pre ventrical contractions of the heart. Which they tell me are benign and not to worry. Lately I have been waking up everymorning @ 4:30 AM and usually I sleep until 7 get up and go to work. I have had so much indigestion. My Doctor wants me to get an endoscope of my stomach etc.. just want I want a twilight sedation.

I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

My DR came from anxiety. I was wondering if you guys that started with anxiety experienced any of these extra heart beats, and indigestion for a long time.

I don't know , I keep digging for strength but I feel like I m running out. Meds are not an option at this point they all seem to make me worse. I don't know how much farther is down further, I just don't know right now.

Sorry to complain , but had to anyway.

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KC, I was on very kind of Rx for indigestion and acid reflux, and then all those pills became over the counter, and new breed of Rx came along.
Finally got a scope in 1995 and have an ulcer, stayed on meds till a couple years ago, now I'm not on anything. There was some combo-of Prevacid or Prilosec with some other round of meds which the docs were thinking back then was gonna be the new cure for ulcers. It was probably true for lotsa ppl, that they had H-pylori--and this combo thing cured their ulcer.
In my case it did not but over time I have just been able to do without meds for my stomach. Unless I do myself in with dairy, Ice cream is a big fav of mine and I do suffer the next few days. I have to watch my coffee intake too. They told me after that scope to give up chocolate, coffee and ciggs..I looked at them like they were nuts! I do have to limit chocolate and coffee, and dairy, but I still smoke. ---------------

Depression---whew--Ok I have that but I am on Remeron for it and have been for maybe last 6 or 7 years. Other SSRI types did nothing for me. Tried all of them but Prozac. This Remeron is best thing I ever been on.
Maybe you are withdrawing from anti-anxiety meds? That can cause real tired feelings as well as other stuff I'm sure. Seems you said once you had been on Valium. If you are goin off it, betcha that would upset your stomach.
I'm no doctor. Just hope you feel better soon. Go ahead and get the scope, it's actually easy. I was terrified to have it done but you are really asleep, even though s'pose to be "twilight" type. Just ask them to give you more to knock you out if you think your tolerance might be high. Mine was low tolerance for what they used, which was Versed. Good luck. I do btw eat Tums alot when going thru a rough stomach time.
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No problem, I just thank God there is such a place as this board. Funny sometimes it is easier to talk to people on a screen than the other humans in my life. Of course, feeling understood is key for me, it's what I look for when weirdness hits.
Control issues? Geez can't relate at all!!!!!!! Mmmm Hmmmm. You know I take remeron at night of all thigs b/cuz it makes me tired and I had insomnia with my "agitated depression" states. Isn't it weird how meds work so differnt on all of us?
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