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Hi there, i just joined this forum even though i have been suffering from this for about 5 months now.... It started one day on my way to work in the car and came out of nowhere. it wasnt from drugs or anything like that. I just all of a sudden felt weird and odd and its been with me since.

My symptoms are, not feeling like myself, feeling high, the world around me looks weird, out of body experiance, extreme aniexty and depression.

I have quit my job and have basically no life anymore because of this.

Any tips on how to cope? I am in a very dark place.

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Hey sorry, no one really mans this side of the forum, it's all about the cure or daily thoughts.

Well you have none of our brain worries, sounds like you were stressed or anxiety was maxed out. I mean, this is a guess don't take my word.

There is nothing wrong with you, i think (yes think) that i could give someone DP if they were in the right frame for it.

We all get all the symptoms, so nothing new don't worry. I'd go to the doctor, who knows, maybe an anti depressant will get you back, proper advice though low people get SSRI response from what i have seen but i AM NO DOCTOR. I like TYI AD's, but go to a doctor. Kill the depression, maybe it will be the ticket.

As for dark place, we are there or been there, get a councillor, i can only speak for the UK but they are free. You will get there. I have no great coping magic, lower your anxiety, go out in nature, get good support, keep pushing.

If you are low, i don't post as much but mail me
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