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Depersonilization or something else?

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Hey guys, when i was 16 i had a really bad trip on weed, i had a panic attack and felt like i was dying, i went to sleep and i remember the next waking up the colors of everything just felt so strange, and i didn’t feel like myself, it was like i was in a movie, i had DP/DR for a year or so and it suddenly just dissapeared on it’s own, i am now 22 going on 23 and 3ish years ago i tried to smoke again and had another panic attack, and now i have these moments where i don’t feel real, i have what i think is a major panic attack every once in a while, it starts with my palms sweating, my heart beating out of my chest, and i feel like i’m dying/ i’m just going to dissengrate into thin air, these really bad symptoms don’t last for very long and afterwords i get really tired, i have been to the er multiple times, had ekgs to make sure my heart was okay, but i keep believing that something is just wrong with me and that it’s not DP/DR and i just don’t know how to tell, the best way to me on how to explain it is if you have a fear of heights and ur standing on the edge of a cliff, can this truly be dp/dr even after 3 years? I’m just starting to be in a really low place now, it’s consuming me and i’m losing hope that i’ll ever figure it out, with as many times as its happend to me you would think i wouldn’t have trouble accepting the feeling and knowing that its not harmful, but i freak out every single
Time it happens feeling like i’m just going to die.
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ffs how can you be so irresponsible and do drugs again after all your bad experience? did you find your life in garbage?
It was definitely a mistake, some part of me thought it would be different this time.
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Not sure, but this sounds like regular panic attacks, which can cause DP/DR but are not necessarily connected with it. To my understanding, panic attacks can be well treated using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Have you ever seen a therapist for this problem?
Yes and its not very helpful
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