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Am I the only one who has felt like it's not really me that is breathing? Like I can hear myself breathe, but I don't feel like I'm the one that is actually breathing, which freaks me out. I also feel like everything is a dream all the time. I question everything if what is happening right in front of me is real or not. I feel very detached from the world and like I'm just going to wake up at anytime. My vision gets blurred and I feel really lightheaded like I'm gonna pass out. Sometimes when I talk, I feel really light and get a cold shiver throughout my body and feel like I didn't actually talk. My body also feels so numb at night and like my legs are disconnected which makes me feel not real and makes it hard to fall asleep because I panic. I'm so scared that this isn't depersonalization and something is actually wrong with me. It's scary to go about my day and have to remind myself to breathe because I feel like I'm forgetting and tell myself that my own parents are real when I feel that they aren't. I feel like I don't have control over anything anymore and that I'm just a mere existence of my mind. Will these symptoms ever go away?
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Yep it sounds like dp to me with dr
What caused these feelings for you ?
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