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I am struggling to fall asleep. This feeling of my mind not being connected to my body has taken over my life. I feel it all the time, it won't go away, I want to feel real. I feel so useless, mad, crazy, unpredictable. I can't remember the last time I felt connected. Maybe I was about 9. 13 years ago to be exact. It is the most awful thing not being able to recognise your own reflection, common objects around me are so unfamiliar, sounds seem so distant, smells don't connect with my senses. I'm lost and I feel I'm going mad. I am having help from the adults mental health team.

I have never spoken to anyone who suffers from depersonalization before, I think it might help me to know I'm not alone and someone else is feeling this all the time too?

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Dec 08 2016 11:52 AM

I feel this myself often. Thinking about trying tai-chi.

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Jan 30 2017 11:55 AM

Sometimes I wonder if I am simply depressed. ;(

Maybe not so new or different.

And then I wonder if I am just wanting to be different!

Like: "I can't be JUST depressed! I have to have some NEW thing! I'm so different!"

and then DP rolls in...... . . . You know?
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