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One thing I noticed is when my thoughts start to spin out of control I will go and lie on my bed and meditate.

I literally shut down my thinking mind, not by force, but by telling myself that the thoughts I was just having, are getting out of control and are not important and I need to just let them go. I don't fight with them, I just release them as unimportant and often they are because they are just OC thoughts.

Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

This is what I think:

The mind is rebellious.

So if you tell your mind NOT to think, all it will do is think. If you order it TO think, it won't think.

When I do this, it works for me.

This is how I get to sleep. I say to myself, "Ok think and do lots of it", and lo and behold my mind goes quiet and I fall alseep.

Try it and see if it works for you.

Also the Rebellious mind works against you when you try to FORCE it.

Whatever you resist - will persist

The idea is to NOT make anything a big deal. Make tasks seem smaller.

If I want to do dishes - the minute I say I SHOULD do the dishes, my mind starts rebelling and says I don't feel like doing it.

If I say, I would really LIKE to have clean dishes and remain happy when I say it.........I have no trouble doing dishes.

The minute you feel like you are mentally pushing or pulling..........your mind is gonna resist and you will have a problem.

So the idea is to make things seem like they are NO BIG DEAL and the mind accepts them.

Or just tell yourself you will do a little bit of dishes and before you know it you will have done them all.

The important thing is to start doing it and make it like it is no big deal.

I often think this resistance comes from the Inner Child, from when a person was a child and was ordered around by their parents.

Did your parents order you around? If so, it may be you just defying your parents, because now your parents voice is within you.

Watch out for ANY words that imply SHOULD.

My rebellious nature gets it's back up every time I say the word "should" to myself or if someone else says it to me.
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