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Hey fellow Dp sufferers

how are you all i hope everyone today is well.
i just thought id write a some advice up here for the people who have either gotdp had dp for a while etc.
first off i first got dp when i delveloped anxiety disorder at age 21 and to be honest it fed the anxiety disorder till the day i got rid of it. but ironically the dp remained.

it always facinated me dp it was the most wierdest thing on the planet. to go from normal to dp is pretty intense i remember my first day i got it i hwas summer and i had been working long hard hours solo for a while. i tryed still to socialize whilst working long hours meaning not as much sleep this didnt help. so one night i went to an internet cafe with some friends of mine. i was tired and exausted. then as i stare at the computer i looked at the computer screen only to find that something was different something had chaanged.

something had become very wrong everything looked strange and different yet the same. everything looked spacy, strange, sur real. i felt an enormous feeling of anxiety come crushing through my chest. i was having a panic attack. i drove home as fast as i could and jumped into bed hoping this experiance would go away. but it wouldnt i lay awake for 2 hours just trying to get to
sleep eventually i did. and when i woke up in the morning the anxiety had not left and neither had this new sense of terror.

little did i know that from that moment on i would be starting a journey of mix fun of self discovery mental health perscription drugs god and insanity.for 2 years i battle anxitey disorder and dp. i got risd of anxiety but not the dp.
but you know what i no longer care. the funniest thing i always hear is dp sufferersd say i wanna go back to normal. personally i dont believe you can go back to normal i mean really how can you go back to normal. after all your experiances and ordeals you cant just forget it. i think its a cruel and unrealistic thought that will prevent sufferers from making a recovery.

i mean if a man loses his leg in a car accident will his life be exactly the same? ofcourse not he will have to make adjustments he will need to make a new normal. and for me that meant to accept dp for what it is a beautiful thing thing thatt i dont quite
understand. i simply empowerd positive thinking and banned negative thoughts you know the once loke am i crazy am i real am i in a dream etc and of course the strengh of the lord jesus christ who though him all things are possible now i feel like nothing can stop me.

if anyone needs any tips on there experiances with dp just give me a holla

Thanks for reading


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Jan 16 2011 11:31 AM

Great advice. I think learning to live with it might be easier than trying to heal it. Is it possible to learn how to FEEL? How to connect to the world around me? How to socialize without feeling like an outcast? If I could learn these things then I wouldn't need to Heal.

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Jan 25 2011 12:11 AM

We suffer from Dp and we want it to go away. We focus on the feeling of it. We resist it.

Whatever we resist persists. Whatever we focus on also persists.

Maybe we just gotta accept it, engage in life even when we don't feel like doing so, and stop focusing on the feeling of not feeling real. (I know it is hard, but I have been trying to think of other stuff and I can see a detachment from the DP itself a little - so there is hope)
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