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Depersonalization Symptoms

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Hello Guys,

My name is Aytug and i am 26 years old. I had a panic attack at may of 29th. I was like anxious all the time. I've been struggling with anxiety. I was walking at the nights to anxiety go away. But suddenly 20th of august it started with dizziness(DP/DR). At least i thought it was dizziness but appereantly it wasnt. My anxiety gone but this constant dizziness still with me . I've been wondering since august am i the only one who has this symptoms.

Now ill share my symptoms with you.

I have constant fog in my brain. I'm making mistakes a lot. I have pressure in my head and its constant. My MRI is clean my blood values are good. Everything is good. Even EMG- EEG tests are clean. I have loss of sensation. I mean I feel less. My gf used to massage me back in last year and it was really good. But now when she does it i dont even feel it.
I feel like im stranger. Everyday passing like a dream. I'am struggling with sleep. I cant even sleep. It takes 3 hours or more to sleep. Even if i sleep its like awake-state. I hope you understand what i mean. Everyday i feel like i am exhausted with no reason. My vitamin levels are good.

Sorry for my english. Hope you understand.
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When it is so recent and panic and anxiety is such a central component a psychological approach is the best and the prognosis is likely also very high. This site is made for addressing anxiety and panic but also DP/DR symptoms related to it. There are two books written to the site but the site in itself have useful information and advice you can use. Use that site for information and advice. Help with Depersonalisation and Derealisation | Anxietynomore
he says anxiety and panic are gone. so the primary dpd set in
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Kişisel görüşüm olarak söylüyorum bunu. Antidepresan hiçbir işe yaramıyor bende. Cito/lustral/paxera denedım. Ama bi benzo denemyıde düşünmüyo değilim
hll dvm
hahahahaha oğlum bi anda egemenlik sağladık türkler olarak forumda
adminler siliyo aq gecen yazdigimi da silmisler cevirmis heralde :D:D
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