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Depersonalization Symptoms

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Hello Guys,

My name is Aytug and i am 26 years old. I had a panic attack at may of 29th. I was like anxious all the time. I've been struggling with anxiety. I was walking at the nights to anxiety go away. But suddenly 20th of august it started with dizziness(DP/DR). At least i thought it was dizziness but appereantly it wasnt. My anxiety gone but this constant dizziness still with me . I've been wondering since august am i the only one who has this symptoms.

Now ill share my symptoms with you.

I have constant fog in my brain. I'm making mistakes a lot. I have pressure in my head and its constant. My MRI is clean my blood values are good. Everything is good. Even EMG- EEG tests are clean. I have loss of sensation. I mean I feel less. My gf used to massage me back in last year and it was really good. But now when she does it i dont even feel it.
I feel like im stranger. Everyday passing like a dream. I'am struggling with sleep. I cant even sleep. It takes 3 hours or more to sleep. Even if i sleep its like awake-state. I hope you understand what i mean. Everyday i feel like i am exhausted with no reason. My vitamin levels are good.

Sorry for my english. Hope you understand.
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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