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DEPERSONALIZATION STUDIES FUNDING-Time to contribute to this one!

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Hello Everyone!

The Initiative for Depersonalization Studies is now recognized as an organization conducting research on depersonalization, so I thought it would be important to share this funding campaign with you all, in case majority of the people here is not aware of!!!

As you know, Jeffrey Abugel himself had suffered with depersonalization and it took him 11 years to only get the diagnosis, so rather than simply sharing our symptoms we also need to give support to the research conducted regarding this condition, the more we support each other the better: I mean if every one of the members on this site could give 5 dollars each (if you can of course) it would only accelerate the research process, don't you think?:) It's majorly about funding and more funding after all to initiate a specific study as you know...

Let's spread the news and be a part of this!! I mean his facebook group don't have many members when there are thousands of people here only on dpselfhelp, we really need to stick together in all sorts of awareness campaigns rather than feeling sorry for ourselves if we want to save ourselves, remember it's about taking action, too!!:))

Oh and does any one of you know if there is any funding that can be directly done for universities and such??? That, I don't know yet!

Here is the link (maybe someone else put it already but here it is once more)

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!!!:)
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We should try and keep this thread constantly bumped so that people see this every day. Unfortunately the only way we're going to receive treatment is monetarily so the more we can give the better.
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