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Depersonalization or dementia

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I’m really worried that I have had a stroke or suffered brain damage which has led me to believe that it’s more than depersonalization

. I’m conscious of every action i do because it don’t feel like me doing it at all and I don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore

. Brain completely blank no thoughts at all just silence

. I repeat the same things over and over again with our being able to stop

. I can’t plan ahead

. I can’t visualise what I want to do

. I can’t reason with myself

. I got no memories

.I got no identity

. Struggle with conversations hurts my head

. Feel stuck on repeat everyday

. Leg won’t stop tapping

. Can’t stop twirling hair

. Struggle to get dressed as I don’t no what I like to wear or what I used to like

This can’t just be depersonalization because I pI’m just on repeat with everything I do and say and can’t control it I can’t control anything I do or say does anyone relate because it’s getting really scary now dunno if it’s a stroke
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Everyone is a little bit demented due to things like depression and aging. I think DPSH claiming dementia would be very offensive to a stroke survivor or Alzheimers patient. Anxiety makes us more aware of things that might be "wrong" with our minds and bodies while stress is known to lower mood and cognitive function. You're saying it can't be this or that, but you're not a doctor nor are people supposed to diagnose themselves. Additionally, the idea that depersonalization and dementia is an either-or thing makes no sense. You should get medically cleared if you haven't already and then begin working on mental health recovery provided you're cleared. I've heard it's harder to get the NHS to care about mental or physical problems compared to other countries' health care systems so I'm sorry about that. If it's any consolation, depersonalization is neglected most places around the world. I'm not a doctor but I don't think hair twirling is a dementia symptom.
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I do need to get medically cleared but my doctors don’t believe me because I have anxiety on my record they put it’s down to that , so they won’t refer me to a neurologist so I can’t know , they don’t realise how serious wha Tim going threw is I say the same things over and over again about my symptoms I can’t stop like a tic , I don’t feel In control of me saying it like literally not at all like I’m not even here , I can’t remember anything about myself or memories , I feeel as if I’m acting really weird or doing things and saying I wouldn’t normally say as I have to force my self to speak even tho there’s no thoughts there so it comes out weird looks things that wouldn’t make sense , I can’t leave my house as I can’t plan or know what to do at all nothing feels real and it feels like I just no control or what I do or say or we’re I go it’s completely gone , and I wake up every night not knowing we’re I am like I know physically like I can say it we’re I am but I can’t be there 100% sure in my brain , and last night I swear I had TIA (mini stroke) as I couldn’t move and my one eye went completely blurry and couldn’t see out of it for 5 minuets then went away , I’m not like majority of the Poeople on here so I don’t generally believe it’s brain damage or dementia and my life’s of over I just have no control whatsoever and just watching myself losing my mind and watching everyone around me get frustrated and angry because they expect me to snap out of it but I can’t and expect me to speak about anything ilelae but it’s like I physically havnt got the Brian process to do it anymore like to know who I am what I like doing , what’s the right thing to do , and do normal things they normal people do I’m completely dissoocnented form everything . Just seems completely different from the last time I I had depersonalization I still had thoughts just didn’t feel like me this time I have nothing , had flu and severe stress and smoked a strong spliff and I think I’ve just broke my Brian completely
I'm certain what you're experiencing is anxiety and depersonalization and that calmness and mental health recovery is the only existing solution for those two things. There are a few people in this community who had depersonalization due to a physical illness. In my experience, severity of depersonalization doesn't seem to indicate whether the syndrome has physical or mental origins. Being stuck in a cycle of anxiety and not believing mental health problems could produce such symptoms is a hallmark of mental illness. It's preferable to being delusional in which case you wouldn't believe anything is wrong with you at all, instead blaming everything on China or the CIA.
We've already told you depersonalization can be a product of depression and anxiety, as have your doctors, and you just aren't listening to anyone online or in person.
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