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Disclaimer: this is from months back when I had no sure fire idea of what DP was so ego death is in place of DP also High Existence is a great site for pretty much all topics I just hope this post may help others who stumble upon it that the vivid dreams and nightmares are normal this is a combination of two post i placed on HE...

Yesterday I smoked weed for the LAST time of my
life…Now I do not disdain of Marijuana I say if you
want to continue to blaze go ahead I don't know what
caused what I'm about to tell you about multiple
things played a factor in my distress…..

So I smoked weed and It was a hotbox session with
my homie and I start feeling the effects quick and as I
rise into the high I start to feel queasy I tell him "man
can we talk outside?" (he was talking about his book)
so we step out and as he's talking I start to feel dizzy
and BAM I fade out and then the battle to regain
consciousness began I woke up in his arms and he's
telling me what happened and I understand him but I
WAS STONED AS FUCK I felt like I was everything and
nothing at the same time I couldn't focus on a single
thing the world as I know was ceasing to be all I could
do was cry but then I couldn't even do that my brain
was so messed up so luckily I was able to lead him to
my house by the freaking grace of GOD lol I get there I
coudnt feel anything I felt everything finally I lay down
for a bit and start to come down but I learned no one
of us are in control and I believe God or the universe
showed me today how it feels to be an Omni Being it
was a literal hell on earth no more weed me sorry for
the ill construction of the post but im still kinda fazing
back into reality

So this morning I woke up from a regular nightmare around 4am. I was fine because I'm used to nightmares now I can get over them. When got up, I came to HE (Hand I saw a post about Ego Death. I was interested because I had undergone the experience (according to some research) after smoking weed. So I read the post and sure enough it was the same thing I had went through. So I started to watch videos on it and I saw one where the main point was to accept the experience and dive into the void. I had a few hours before the bus would arrive so I went back to sleep. I first felt the sensation of sleep paralysis come over me but then in an instant I started flashing through memories (in a requium of a dream fashion) then everything including sound faded to nothingness then awoke and at first I was fine then once it processed that I had undergone this terrifying experience I started to feel this intense insatiable feeling of mortification and confusion I felt the "ego death" feeling again, detached from reality like a mind trapped within a body. I read up on it and found depersonilzation and it is said to be a defense mechanism to combat stress and anxiety. It is a terrible feeling and I want to know if anyone else has felt this feel? More specifically after a nightmare...
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