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So basically from the beginning I tried weed I got my first out of body experience thought I was gonna die got a panic attack ever since Throughout the few years I feel worse and worse I feel like I’m still high like everything’s fake the world the grass everything looks plastic and fake and I feel so... unreal, i feel so disconnected from my recent memories and feelings, I start to think nothing is real, my friends, my family, my surroundings, nothing I get very bad visual snow everything’s foggy and static also lighting plays a big part in stores I feel like I’m watching myself do things and walk and talk and I feel like complete autopilot especially at night I feel like I can’t think I can’t focus everything feels like a dream everyday my family and friends feel unfamiliar like I’ve never met them I feel like every few seconds I get lost and confused and forget what I’m doing I got blood work mri eeg everything came out normal I constantly get panic attacks when I can’t think and remember anything if you can relate please message me or reply so I don’t feel like the only person thank you
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