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Hi all,
I really need some reassurance that I'm not losing my mind. I got an MRI and though my brain is fine I was told I have MAJOR sinus problems. I've also been struggling with SEVERE allergies.
It's to the point where I constantly feel like I'm under the influence but not in a fun way. I'm afraid to drive because it feels like I'll get in an accident.
It's very hard to describe the surreal sensation but it's like I'm stuck in my head and blacking out/not retaining memories despite being awake in the process. I could be outside and before I know it I'm in my bedroom and didn't process the fact that I already went upstairs and down the hallway. I can't think, I can't work, I'm uncomfortable and anxious socializing, etc because it always feels like I'm just not "in there" .
I can be driving and suddenly I'll realize I've been zoned out and like I'm just floating through life on autopilot.
Anyhow, everyone I've talked to jump to psychiatry anytime I mention this and it's very frustrating because I KNOW this is not a mental health issue.
It started with a brutal sinus infection and despite that clearing up I have unending allergies. I used to be a smoker and I suspect my sinuses and allergies got heavily damaged as a result.
Can anyone else relate/reassure me I'm not nuts? Can allergies and sinus issues do this? I can't bear feeling like this anymore. It's like I'm stuck in my head and I'm not real, stuck in a dream.
I see an ENT on the 23rd and hope she can help. I'm also considering allergy shots.
Any advice or words of reassurance?

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I do know that sinus/allergy issues can cause dissociation experiences and DPDR-like issues. Whether that’s true in your specific case is a different question.

Honestly, I would always advise people to consider psychiatry the LAST resort for problems like these. Even if it is obviously a psychological issue, I would still probably recommend people to steer clear of psychiatry, lol.

But yeah, deal with your sinus/allergy issues first, and if the issue doesn’t go away (keep in mind you might still have some residual experiences for awhile after treatment), then you can return here to bitch and moan and freak out like the rest of us long-termers.
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