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Hello all , iv been reading a lot about DP after my gf told me that she has it , and since im learning about it , i would like u guys to help me out or make it more clear for me in how to act when she is having them , i know i have to stay next to her and be there for her which ofcourse im doing best i can , but sometimes it gets out of control and before i find out she has it , we used to have many misunderstandings , and arguements, and ofcourse i felt bad that i ddnt understand what was going on and i felt bad of the way i handled it at that moment . i just want to know the basic steps to be there for her other then telling her i love her , or any emotion talking , cuz sometimes that doesnt work for her .Even sometimes when i feel bad about smthn im not feelings comftble to talk to her about it cuz i know she is having a much bigger problem then the thing i felt bad about, i sometimes hesitate to talk to her about stuff thinking i will bring the DP in her and make her think and think , which we all know wat a small thought will lead in this situation. Thank you in advance for all the people who would like to help me out and make things more clear asap.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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