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hey everyone, i have an interesting situation. a good friend of my father just had a liver transplant recently. when he went under he was fine, but when he woke up 9 hours later (the surgery was supposed to last 6 hours), he was in serious dp/dr (i am assuming that is what he is experiencing, by his description). And he has been in it ever since, about 3 weeks. My dad sent me a list of questions he wanted to ask you guys.

Are the effects like DP and DR common for people who have had major surgery like liver transplants?

The patient went into the O R feeling normal and has not felt right since his recovery began. It has been just over three weeks since his surgery.

Is this the result of all the medications given these patients during surgery and post surgery? Or is it the minds way of dealing with such stress?

How long does this DP and DR state of mind exist following surgery for those who have experienced it?

What's the best way to cope with it while your thinking is being consumed with the thought of the state of mind your in.?

Thanks for your helP.

His friend is a recovering alcoholic, so keep that in mind. Please help, he is really freaking out about this. He even said the surgery/pain is NOTHING compared to dp/dr. And also he is in his late 40's, and never had an episode of dp/dr before this. what should he do? what kind of help should he look for.

thanks guys, we will really appreciate your help. :?:

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First off, there are NO universal absolutes about this dp/dr business. Just know that anything you learn or hear is at best an educated amalgam of case information/histories and at worst, just one person's experience and intense opinion.

That said, I think there are probably several factors at work:

1) anathesia can abosolutely cause dp/dr states. But most people come OUT of those states relatively soon, so the reason someone doesn't is usually much more complex;

2) if this fellow is an alcoholic, we've got several factors at work:
a) the alcohol in his system and his toxity level, responsiveness to any other mind altering chem;
b) the LACK of liquor in his system pre and post surgery;
c) his psychological anxiety factors (conscious or not) since he has apparantly nearly been drinking himself to death - hence needing the liver surgery. Sometimes there is a rage/terror of "reckoning' when someone comes face to face with their own self-destructive tendencies and lacking any place real to hide, they dive deeper into the inner world, i.e., dp/dr.

Then on top of it, the guy is probably just scared of dying period. And he's probably not sure at all how he is going to handle himself, re: not drinking anymore, etc.

If you add all the above and then toss in some unresolved anxieties about OTHER stuff he can't face that we cannot possibly know about, but such as the reasons he was an alcoholic in the FIRST place, and yep, that's a good recipe for dp/dr.

There are meds to take for anxiety adn/or depression. There is therapy. And there is just TIME. Any of the above can help trememdously. And he should certainly talk with a psychiatrist to get more info and to decide how to proceed.

Tell him the MOST important thing he can do right now is to TRY as hard as possbile to not watch himself. FORCE his mind to focus on ANYthing besides himself. The watching of self makes these states worse and makes them last much longer. Trust me.

All the best,

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Alcoholism is a huge psychological thing in itself, so anything involved with the recovery process and finding out what the addiction is hiding (unless it's purely genetic, native americans whose bodies aren't built for alochol)...and then on top of that he is having to face what the alcohol has done to his body...etc

all of that combined with the anaestesia is going to make him feel pretty freakin' bad. he should probably talk to some kind of counselor or therapist if he doesn't already have one.
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